Thursday, 24 November 2011

Next Step

More boxes uncovered and an interesting afternoon in Hatter's Cottage storeroom at Hat Works, which made for lots more exciting discoveries which if you get to visit the new exhibition on Trimmings at Hat Works you will see. Delicious swishes of veiling, sparkling diamante, curled feathers, each box making you create a new narrative of who wore it and to what occasion.

So after much deliberations the selection of materials was made:

Feathers, Fabric, Ribbons, Flowers, Sinamay, Straw, Fur & Leather, Felt and New Materials.

Now to find some pieces from the collection to put in the cases and contact high profile and up and coming milliners to see if they would be happy to partake. Lots of uncertainty and a sprinkle of excitement as to what may happen in the next few months. Would everything be in place to set up from 27th November for opening on the 5th December. Lots to do................

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